SAP Sales Cloud solutions are designed to enhance your sales reps’ day-to-day work experience, while improving customer experiences and accelerating the buying process. With SAP Sales Cloud solutions, you embrace the future of selling. SAP Customer Experience Services expertsare available to help you launch your solution,optimize its performance, maximize your project success, boost user adoption and continuously help you expand your use of new features.

Make the Most of Your SAP Sales Cloud Solutions

SAP Sales Cloud solutions are designed to empower your teams to sell anytime, anywhere, and to get the right insights at the right time. Our experts are available to help with your project in any phase of its lifecycle – to plan your project, lead its implementation, or collaboratively contribute to its success in specific areas, and advise on how to expand your use of SAP Sales Cloud solutions. Set your solution up for success and rest assured that your project is on the right path.

Get up and running quickly

Choose our implementation and quick-start services to bring your SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP Commissions, SAP CPQ, SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management projects to life, quickly and effectively. And when needed, rely on us to integrate your cloud solutions with other systems.

Boost your project quality

Leverage SAP Value Assurance, our collaborative service program, and increase quality in every phase of your project. Our experts will not only safeguard your project plans, but also validate quality in key technical and functional areas and help you mitigate project risks.

Set yourself up for success

Gain expertise in complex functional and technical topics, such as integration, functional design, data migration, extensibility, analytics, performance fine-tuning etc. Empower your team with knowledge and technical principles that will guide them through all the complexities at any stage of the project, even after a successful go-live. Leverage SAP Value Adoption services to continuously optimize your use of your solution.

Satisfy your custom needs

Tap into our expertise whether you need deep technical, functional, integration knowledge, or advice on your solution strategy.

  • If a standard report is close to what your users need and is already built on the Data Source that will best serve your needs, copy that standard Report to a new Report and adjust the new Report to suit your needs.
  • If a field is available in Data Source directly add it through report wizard instead of using ‘Add Fields’.
  • If possible, reports on join Data Sources should have selections from all data sources used in join.
  • Avoid using negative selection conditions.
  • For detailed level reports add mandatory selections. Consider using relative selects.
  • Reduce report drilldown to required fields only. End user has an ability to add fields to drill down and save their own views based on their requirements.
  • Avoid using column drilldown.
  • Design the default Selections such that results are aggregated. Leverage Report-to-Report navigation for drill down, passing the Selection conditions of the source Report to the target Report, reducing the result set of the target Report.
  • Avoid adding Characteristics, especially Selections, to a Report that reference a UUID (“Uninterpreted sequence of bytes”). Usually there is an ‘ID’ version of the same field available in Data Source. The ID field will always have ‘ID’ suffixed to it Choose the ID over the UUID field to experience better Performance
    E.g. ‘Account ID’ is the ID field.