What is SAP Customer Data cloud?

Solutions for building more trusted and valued relationships with customers. Customer Data Cloud is also known As “GIGYA”.

With three, tightly integrated products to offer, the SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya can help your business securely identify consumers across devices and channels to drive registrations and engagement, manage their permissions and consent across their entire lifecycle, and transform data into unified customer profiles that are governed, orchestrated and analyzed from a central and secure environment.

The SAP data cloud offering for the secure and targeted handling of customer data consists of three seamlessly integrated solutions from the acquired company Gigya. With them, you can clearly identify consumers on all devices and across all channels, promote registrations and interactions and manage the consent obtained from your customers throughout the entire life cycle. The data collected is merged into uniform customer profiles that you can control, coordinate and analyze centrally and securely.

What part of the SAP Cloud for Utilities solution will it cover?
  • Identity
  • Consent
  • Profile Management
  • Customer Communication Preference Management

Identity Management

Customer Identity from SAP Customer Data Cloud (previously known as Registration-as-a-Service, or RaaS) is a CIAM solution (Customer Identity and Access Management) that enables you to connect with your website and app users, and engage with your customers. Customer Identity helps you gather critical information about your users, store that information securely and leverage it for an enhanced customer experience. Use Customer Identity as the pivot point for launching personalized marketing campaigns, providing customer service, and building a trust-based relationship with your users.